Li hing malasada… Sooo good!

Panya. It was my first time eating at the restaurant. I had the portobello mushroom pesto vegetarian burger and ginger pineapple juice and my cousin had laksa. I love fresh ginger so I love the juice, my sandwich was ok, but a healthy choice. The laksa was spicy, coconutty and yummy!

7 Jan

Onopops. I tried kona latte, pog, and pineapple vanilla. Yum, but pricey!

7 Jan 4 notes

Disney character breakfast at the aulani

My good friend’s brother owns paesano in manoa, so I got hooked up! My fave chicken sorrenntino, chicken parm, calamari pasta, and house salad Yum :)

Campus center, haven’t been here in years!

5 Jan

Portobello Mushroom Sandwich at the Honolulu Academy of Arts

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Mochi soup, nishime and shrimp tempura my mom and grandma made :)

What a cute cake! Happy new year

oooh would love to try TOWN!

oooh would love to try TOWN!